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Re-registration and semester fee

Students who wish to continue their studies with the upcoming semester must actively re-register for this purpose before each semester:

  • for winter semester: from 20 June to 31 July
  • for summer semester: from 1 December to 31 January

The re-registration takes place if the semester fee has been received in full and on time and there are no reasons for de-registration. Students will receive a reminder email to their student email address. Failure to re-register will result in ex officio exmatriculation.

New students will be asked to pay the semester fee as part of their enrollment process. If the payment is not made within the deadline, the entitlement to a study place may expire.

Semester & total amount of feeCompilation
Summer semester 2023
252.35 Euro
80.00 Euro: Studentenwerk fee
160.40 Euro: MDV-Semesterticket
11.95 Euro: Studierendenschaft fee
Winter semester 2022/23
252.35 Euro
80.00 Euro: Beitrag Studentenwerk
160.40 Euro: MDV-Semesterticket
11.95 Euro: Beitrag Studierendenschaft

The easiest way to re-register is the online activation of the direct debit in Löwenportal.

Therefor we require a SEPA direct debit mandate as hard copy once in advance. The most convenient way to set it up is during enrolment – because then it already includes the payment of your very first semester fee. However, this only applies to the start of your studies and, hence, your first semester: the mandate is NOT an automatic standing direct debit. Participating students must activate the online re-registration with a transaction number (TAN) before each semester (see FAQ).

After your successful re-registration you can (and should) validate your USC for the upcoming semester.

Students can also instruct the payment manually instead. In this case, please note the transfer times of the banking institutions, as the date of posting on our account applies for the re-registration - not the date of transfer.

Empfänger:Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg
IBAN:DE46 8100 0000 0081 0015 35
Bank:Deutsche Bundesbank, Filiale Magdeburg
(Sommersemester 2023)
Ihre Matrikelnummer.20231

Please do not use this account to transfer any tuition fees (second  degree; fee-based degree programmes). By the way: If your studies are  subject to fees, payment is also a prerequisite for successful  re-registration.

What is the difference between semester fees and tuition fees?

The terms semester fee and tuition fees are often lumped together or even confused, but they refer to different things:

Basically, studies are widely free of charge in Germany. Tuition fees are only charged in exceptional cases. For the ‚trappings‘ (e.g., the food offered in the dining halls, use of public transportation, or the services offered by the student council), students must pay the semester fee - regardless of actual use - on a solidarity basis.

Are all items of the semester contribution mandatory?

The contribution to the Studentenwerk and the share for the MDV semester ticket are obligatory.

You can withdraw from the "Verfasste Studierendenschaft" - the solidarity community of students that finances the student council and its services - by notifying the Student Registration Office (after one semester at the earliest). You could then deduct this component of the semester fee from your payment.

You can also see the amount of the semester fee that applies to you individually in Löwenportal during the re-registration period.

There are special rules for enrollees in postgraduate programmes, see below.

I have missed the re-registration deadline. What now?

In case of late re-registrations, a fee of 10.30 Euros applies. The possibility of late re-registration usually exists up to two weeks after the regular re-registration deadlines expired. You have also missed this deadline? Then contact us as soon as possible!

If you pay by TAN activation via Löwenportal (i.e.: participation in the direct debit procedure), the fee will be added automatically. In case of "manual" transfers, please add the late fee together with the semester fee.

Attention: Students in restricted (NC-)study programmes face the loss of their study place if they do not re-register on time. The study places of students who have not re-registered may be allocated to other applicants in the course of selection procedures for higher semesters.

I am finished with my studies and therefore simply do not re-register. Right?

Exactly. Please also note the information on the topic of exmatriculation.

After completing my bachelor's degree, I want to continue directly with a master's programme. What do I have to consider?

In these cases the semester fee must be transferred during the re-registration period, too. If your plans change or your master's application is unsuccessful, we will refund the money (see question after the next one).

I have started a master's programme, but I still have to submit my bachelor's graduation certificate. Does this affect the re-registration for the second (master) semester?

Yes. If you are only able to prove the prerequisite for the study programme at a later date, you will initially study "under reserve". Therefore, a re-registration blocking for the second semester applies. Even if you can already set up the direct debit mandate, payment by TAN is not yet available for this semester. You should transfer the semester fee manually within the re-registration period - and at the same time provide the bachelor's graduation certificate.

Exception: If you (have not obtained your bachelor's degree at our university and) are able to submit the graduation certificate well before the re-registration period expires, the blocking will be removed in time.

I have re-registered but do not want to continue studying after all. Can I apply for a refund?

If you have been exmatriculated duly, you could apply for a refund of the semester fee at Student Registration Office - at the latest by 31 October for winter semester and 30 April for summer semester. For this purpose, the bank details must be communicated again and the student ID (USC) should be returned.

I have enrolled at Halle University, but will not start my studies after all. Will I get a refund of the semester fee?

We will clarify this question on the topic page Returning your place of study.