Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg


With an exmatriculation, the membership of students at our university ends. This automatically takes place at the end of the current semester in these cases:

  • after passing the final examination
  • if you have exceeded the limit of failed examination attempts
  • failure to re-register on time or failure to pay fees

Exmatriculation upon request (with exmatriculation certificate)

We strongly recommend that you use our form for exmatriculation – this is the only way to obtain a certificate of exmatriculation, which is indispensable for calculating your pension (through Deutsche Rentenversicherung) and for transferring to another university.

You can choose the date of exmatriculation when filling out the form. Hence, you can enter any date between immediately (= day of application) and the end of the semester (e.g. 31 March or 30 September, respectively).

The form for exmatriculation can be submitted in person during our opening hours at the SSC, by post or attached to an email ().

You will receive your exmatriculation certificate afterwards. Once you have been exmatriculated, you can generate an exmatriculation certificate later in the Löwenportal (as long as you still have a valid TAN).

Exmatriculation and partial refund of the semester ticket

If you de-register during the ongoing semester (exmatriculation date no later than 31 August in the summer semester or 28/29 February in the winter semester), the local public transport operator HAVAG will refund the Deutschlandsemesterticket on a partial basis. It works like this:

  1. The Registration Office (Immatrikulationsamt) stamps/signs your exmatriculation certificate and sends it to you.
  2. You present the stamped exmatriculation certificate at the HAVAG Service Centre.
  3. You will receive a refund for each month of the ongoing semester that has not yet begun (see FAQ   ).

Exmatriculation and further access to IT services

After you have completed your studies or have been exmatriculated, you can still access the services of the ITZ  as follows:

ServiceAccess time after end of studies*
E-mail6 months
Löwenportal6 months
StudIP1 month
VPNAccess ends immediately
WLANAccess ends immediately
Blog serviceAccess ends

*end of studies = last calendar day of the semester in which the studies were completed and/or exmatriculation took place (i.e.: 30 September or 31 March)

Special case: Refund of already paid semester fees

You have re-registered in time but then decide to not continue your studies at Halle University? No problem: If you de-register before 31 October for the winter semester or 30 April for the summer semester, you will receive the full semester fee. In this case, please use this special form. Of course, the USC has to be returned, too.

Special case: Return of place of study before the start of studies

If you enrolled at Halle Univesity for the first time, but afterwards decide to not study here, you can withdraw your enrolment until 31 October for the winter semester or 30 April for the summer semester. [more ...]