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Uni-Service-Card (USC) – your student ID

Student ID, payment card and membership card in one

Starting their studies with us, students receive a multifunctional Uni-Service-Card (USC):

  • Student ID – for proof of active student status, including discounts at cultural institutions, restaurants, etc.
  • Mensa card – for paying in the refectories and cafeterias
  • Copy card – to pay for copies/printing jobs at the university's printing stations
  • Library card – for borrowing printed and electronic media in our libraries
  • Student body membership card – for internal university elections
  • Transponder – for access to buildings/rooms (PC pools etc.) outside of opening hours as well as for individual access authorizations

At the regular end of their studies, students can keep their USC (see credit payout).

Deutschlandsemesterticket from April only via app

Since April 2024, your student ID card is no longer your semester ticket. If you want to use the new Deutschlandsemesterticket, see the FAQ of the local public transport operator HAVAG   .

Validation at the beginning of each semester

At/before the beginning of each semester, you must validate ("make valid") your student ID (USC) at one of our validation stations. During this process, the chip is activated for the new semester and the card receives the necessary imprints.

Validation is only possible after re-registration and receipt of the semester fee. In order to avoid crowds, we recommend that you go to the validation station well before the semester begins. Of course, the USC is then still valid for the current semester.

First semester students usually (!) receive their USC already validated. In contrast to higher semesters, a start date is also printed here, since the ID card is not yet valid beforehand.

The locations of the devices are:

  • Universitätsplatz, Löwengebäude (first floor, hallway on the right, next to the bulletin board) [map   ]
  • Steintor campus, library (entrance Emil-Abderhalden-Straße, by the checkroom lockers) [map   ]
  • Franckesche Stiftungen, House 31 (entrance area, left hand) [map   ]
  • Wirtschaftswissenschaften, Große Steinstraße 73 (in the foyer in front of the computer pools) [map   ]
  • canteen Weinbergmensa (entrance area) [map   ]
  • Heide-Campus, lecture hall building (entrance area) [map   ]
  • canteen Heidemensa (in front of the stairs to the sanitary facilities) [map   ]

The device on-site is defective? Please inform us .

Top up money

The USC chip stores a common balance for both payment functions (eating in the dining halls; printing/copying). The USC must be topped up for this purpose. So-called loaders are located in the dining halls of Studentenwerk (depending on the dining hall: bank bills, cash card) and in all university libraries (cash card).

Very important: Leave the USC on/in the device for at least 2-3 seconds when upgrading and paying. Otherwise you might risk card defects (see chapter Problems with the payment function).

New card after defect or loss (requires fee transfer)

Treat your USC with care to keep it functional. Use a protective cover; do not bend, avoid extreme temperatures and strong magnetic fields. If a new USC should be issued after defect, loss or aging, a statutory fee of 10.30 Euros applies.

Have you lost your card? First ask around at suitable places (janitor on campus, gate at Universitätsplatz, Infothek, lost-and-found-office of the city of Halle) whether it has been found.

You can apply for a new USC either by mail to (use student mail address!) or on site at the Infothek. We recommend applying by mail.

In both cases you have to pay the fee in advance by bank transfer (recipient: University of Halle | IBAN: DE05 8100 0000 0080 0015 24 | BIC: MARKDEF1810 | total: 10.30 Euro | reason for payment: 11101-20-Matrikelnummer-Nachname).

By mail:

  • Use your student email address.
  • Draft your request as a normal mail text.
  • EITHER attach a file with a picture/screenshot that clearly proves your payment OR transfer the amount a few days before your mail so that the receipt of money can be tracked.
  • Also, let us know if you would like to pick up your new USC at the Infothek or receive it by mail.


Please transfer the fee in advance, alternatively directly at the Infothek. As proof, it is then sufficient to show the transfer made via smartphone in your online banking app (or comparable). In this case, you can usually receive the new USC immediately.

Problems with the payment function / request for credit payment

Studentenwerk helps fixing problems with the top-up function via its card centers    in the canteens Harzmensa and Weinbergmensa. A repayment of credit no longer required can also be arranged there.

A "classic" among the errors - namely the card failure after too early withdrawal in a transaction - we describe here, because an independent problem solution is possible:

  • Go to the last payment station used. Place/insert the card again. The erroneous transaction is completed, the wallet is unlocked.
  • Can't remember the last place of use? Go to any terminal and place the USC on/insert it there. Does this message appear in the display: Löschkarte! Gehe zu Terminal [XX] / HC: [YY]
  • [YY] is 46? Then the error occurred at one of our copiers, with location number [XX]. > Overview
  • [YY] is not 46? Then the error occurred at cashier [XX] of the Studentenwerk. > Overview
  • If another error message appears, the card is usually defective and must be replaced.

First issuance of a USC by application

Students receive their first USC free of charge in the course of their enrollment - after uploading a passport photo via the Löwenportal. Those who can't/won't use this feature, submit the following application with photo affixed instead.

USC: Application for issuing
uscant.pdf (externe Datei)