Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg

Part-time Studies

Part-time studies are recommended for those students, who cannot fully attend their studies for certain reasons. Parallel study of several degree programmes on a part-time basis is not permitted.

Counting of semesters and semester fee

  • Two semesters of a part-time study count as one subject semester and as two university semesters. If you terminate your part-time studies after one semester already, it will be counted as a regular semester as in full-time (= 1 subject semester).
  • Regardless of studying in part-time, the full semester fee has to be paid each semester.
  • Any fees for second degree studies are to be paid only half in part-time semesters.

Examinations and credit achievements

  • In part-time studies, a maximum of only half of the credit points as scheduled in the study and examination regulations may be acquired.
  • If you try to gain more credit points, the status of your part-time studies will be repealed retroactively.
  • We recommend to contact the responsible programme advisors for discussing an individual study schedule before applying for part-time studies.

Transition from Bachelor to Master

If the final Bachelor’s degree certificate cannot yet be presented by the time you start your Master, you are enrolled concurrently for both degrees for one semester. During this time, part-time studies are not possible. If up to this point, you have studied your Bachelor in part-time, this status will be repealed by the Student Registration Office and the semester will be counted as a regular subject semester as in full-time.

If applicable, half of the fees for second degree studies waived for this semester would then have to be paid in arrears.

How to apply for part-time studies

For newly enrolled students- 30 September for winter semester
- 31 March for summer semester
For registered studentswithin the re-registration period

The application for a change from full-time to part-time studies is always requested for two consecutive semesters and must be submitted to the Student Registration Office for the complete study programme.

The period of part-time studies can be extended with repeated applications. However, a retroactive application for previous semesters is not possible.

In case of repeated applications, a confirmation from the responsible examination office has to be submitted additionally, stating that only the legitimate amount of credit points as stated above has been achieved during the previous part-time studies.

The return from part-time to full-time studies must also be applied for at the Student Registration Office within the above mentioned deadlines. After part-time studies due to working, a current proof of student health insurance must be submitted in addition (only for students younger than 30).

Effects on BAföG, insurance etc.

During part-time studies, students cannot be funded by the German Federal Law on Support of Education (BAFöG).

In addition to that, part-time studies may have significant effects on the receipt of governmental benefits such as child allowance, health insurance, residence permits etc. Please clarify potential effects of your part-time studies in advance with the relevant authorities.

If you are employed, you should also inform your employer in advance.

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