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Organising your studies - with Löwenportal, Stud.IP, mail address & Co. (incl. TAN and password support)

The IT Service Centre (ITZ) describes the most important tools for student self-administration, above all the Löwenportal for organising modules and exams and the Stud.IP learning and communication platform, on an introductory page especially for first-semester students.

These and all other important IT services - including WLAN, cloud storage/backup, printing, video conferencing - can also be found in an ITZ link list (only in German). Some descriptions come with helpful video tutorials.

Especially "on the go", we would like to point out the Löwen App, which makes many Löwenportal functions mobile accessible.

What certificates of study are there and how can I get them?

These individual certificates are available:

  • Enrolment certificate
  • BAföG certificate
  • Certificate of university studies
  • Exmatriculation certificate (after exmatriculation)

An easy way to obtain these documents is to use the Löwen App. The downloaded documents can be printed out (by order via the print portal) directly on a printer at the university.

Anyone who logs into their Löwenportal account can also obtain the certificates. It is also possible to print them out at the Infothek.

The documents contain a verification number - this enables third parties (for example, authorities and other universities) to directly check their validity.

I notice discrepancies when issuing certificates.

Please quoting your matriculation number.

I would like to register for or deregister from modules and/or examinations or view past examination dates and grades/achievements.

You can register and deregister by entering a TAN in the Löwenportal. There you can also see your grade list, the current average grade and the overall credit points.

In addition, the registered examinations/examination dates (including information about the attempt, examination form, examiner, etc.) and modules of the past two semesters are listed.

All of this data can also be viewed with the Löwen App, although it is not possible to register or deregister.

I have problems with the registration for examinations or modules or I notice discrepancies in the grade list or missing examinations.

Please contact your responsible examination office (Prüfungsamt) directly, stating your matriculation number.

How can I re-register for the next semester?

You can do this by paying your semester fee – the best way to do this is via the Löwenportal. The individual fee amount is displayed in the account and a SEPA direct debit (recommended) can be initiated via TAN.
> Re-registration/Semester fee

My contact details (address, telephone, email) have changed.

Please update your personal data immediately in the Löwenportal.

My degree programme consists of partial degree programmes at several faculties and I am assigned to one faculty for the purpose of internal university elections. May I switch the assignment?

Yes, there is a function for this in the Löwenportal.

I am new to the university. The enrolment documents contain two transaction numbers (TAN) with which I am supposed to generate a TAN block. How do I do this?

Make sure you use the first two TANs to create the new list using the TAN management function in the Löwenportal. This list will then be sufficient for quite some time. > Youtube tutorial   

Unfortunately, I used the first TAN for other things. Alternatively: I have misplaced my TAN block. What now?

You need two fresh transaction numbers to restore a new list. The easiest way to do this is with the Löwen App (see Youtube tutorial   ). Otherwise, you will have to contact the Student Registration Office by email or come to the Infothek during opening hours.

My TAN block has been used up. I need a new list of transaction numbers.

See the question about using TANs for the first time when you start your studies - the situation is similar. Each TAN block contains two transaction numbers at its end to generate another block. With these numbers, you proceed in the same way as described here for new students   .

What is Stud.IP?

Stud.IP is a learning and communication platform used by all students, lecturers and staff at the University of Halle. Here, students can register for courses, find lecture material, contact their professors or look for car-sharing opportunities or part-time jobs on the notice board.

All students can also access the ILIAS learning platform here.

If you have any questions about Stud.IP, please .

Why is the student mail address so important?

Your student mail address is used for all official communication from the university to you. The  Student Registration Office only sends emails (including relevant events related to your studies) to this address. In case you send requests to a department of the university, you may be asked to send such mails from your student address.

The ITZ explains how you can retrieve and manage your mails (incl. tutorial for forwarding).

I have forgotten my password or want to change it.

You can create a new password yourself for the Löwenportal.

Password management for most IT services is possible in the service portal. Only when resetting the email password, a request via the contact form or the helpdesk is required.

I have technical problems with one of the tools.

Regardless of whether it's Löwenportal, Stud.IP or another IT service: You will get TECHNICAL support exclusively through the ITZ. There is a for Löwenportal support. Otherwise, please refer to the Helpdesk – office hours and contact forms can be found on the ITZ homepage.

I have exmatriculated or my studies are coming to an end. How long can I continue to use the various IT services?

Our IT Service Centre will continue to provide some services (mail, Löwenportal, Stud.IP) for a limited period of time. See details on our exmatriculation page.